A GNARly Introduction

Artwork by Ilustradora.eth

Hello Hive community, we're Gnars DAO and we're stoked to be here! This post will serve as an introduction about us, our vision and accomplishments so far.


Gnars are a new way to fund extreme athletes. We prefer a world where kids aren’t shilled energy drinks by their heroes. So as a community of action sports enthusiasts, we’ve formed a DAO to rethink how extreme sports people get sponsored.

Based on Nouns open source code and CC0 artwork, Gnars are stored fully on-chain on Ethereum with no external dependencies (not even IPFS), and each one represents a DAO vote. We’re changing the way extreme sport is funded as stewards of Nouns Athletes with backing from Nouns DAO.

Check out our GNARly trailer

Gnarvy Auctions

Via perpetual Gnar NFT auctions, we slowly onboard community members. The Gnars Auction Contract will act as a self-sufficient Gnar generation and distribution mechanism, auctioning one Gnar every 10 minutes, then less often, forever. As per the supply curve diagram shown above, auction duration doubles every 1000 auctions, known as “The Gnarving” and in effect halving the supply emission each time.


Auction proceeds (ETH) are automatically sent to the Gnars DAO treasury and to our founder 0xigami.eth, depending on what balance you set with the bid slider. You can even choose not to reward the founder if you wish. Funds received to the treasury are governed by Gnar owners.


Gnars DAO utilizes a Gnosis Safe multisig, which combined with Zodiac Reality Module and Snapshot, allows for gasless governance voting. Gnars DAO is the main governing body of the Gnars ecosystem and the Gnars DAO treasury receives whatever percentage of ETH proceeds bidders choose at time of bidding.

Each Gnar is an irrevocable member of Gnars DAO and entitled to one vote in all governance matters. Gnar votes are non-transferable (if you sell your Gnar the vote goes with it) but delegatable, which means you can assign your vote to someone else as long as you own your Gnar.

Sponsored Athletes

Joe Atkinson (Skate)

Current aggressive inline skating world champion, with three FISE world series championships under his belt, who despite the crowns, is foremost a captivating performance artist.

Dave Bachinsky (skateboard)

Street and transition skater known for iconic film parts, such as his historic kickflip down the El Toro 20, who's forever pushing the technical limits of rails, ledges and mini-ramps.

Kevin Kowalski (skateboard)

Park and bowl skater who goes big on everything, from the deepest cement pits to the gnarliest walls, his massive transfers and old school flow are a class above the rest.

Ashanti Maurice (skateboard)

Skateboarder with 19 years of experience. In the Streets and on Transition. Thrives off of connecting talented individuals together. Known for Iconic 50-50 at the Hollywood highland mall 20 stair rail.

Connect with us

Many more things we could talk about when it comes to GNARS but we'll leave the rest of "info digging" to you!

Official Website : https://gnars.com/
Auction Site : https://gnars.wtf/

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