GNARly 11k Hive Power Up

Sup Gnarly people?

We’re Gnars DAO, an action sports community/extension of Nouns DAO who sponsor extreme sports athletes and events with proceeds from NFT sales and limited edition artist collabs.

Learn more about us : A GNARly Introduction

As an extreme sports DAO our main focus is to empower extreme sports athletes "the Web 3 way" so when @skatehive team explained us how Hive works and how athletes can monetize their content we immediatelly grabbed a Hive account and got "busy".

After 2 months of posting and curating content we pulled the trigger and Powered Up 11,000 Hive after our community voted "FOR" in Skatehive's Decentralized Proposal

power up 11 k hive

Why the Power Up

Content creation is a big part of the extreme sports culture and almost everyone is doing it for free on traditional social media. Only a few out of millions of extreme sports content creators earn from their content and Hive fixes this thanks to it's monetization system.

On Hive everyone can earn from their content. Doesn't matter if you're a pro or just riding for fun, post content and get rewarded with Hive tokens.

Powering Up 11k Hive will allow us to support extreme sports content with much bigger votes, have more influence on the blockchain and shows that we're here to stay.

Gnars Hive wallet

GNARly Curation

We will curate anything GNARly

Are you into any extreme sports? Then post your content in one of our partner communities and @gnars account will vote on your content as long as it's original and GNARly!

Partner Communities



Skatehive curation

Surfhive curation

We invite all Gnars community members and everyone reading to grab a Hive account, post their extreme sports content and get rewarded!

Sign up on Hive :

If you're having trouble creating an account you can always join the Skatehive Discord and request a Hive account at the #request-account channel

After you create a Hive account you have access to all Hive Dapps so all that's left is to choose your favourite Hive front-end (like or, post your content in one of our partner communities and earn!

You can also choose to post your skateboarding content in Skatehive community by using their website or skatehive.dao (for brave and opera users or chrome with ipfs)

Let's decentralize the extreme sports scene

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Official Website :
Auction Site :

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...and don't forget to drop in our Discord channel by clicking on the banner bellow 👇

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