Gnars Shredding Report (January 11 - January 18 2k23)

What's up Gnarly people?

After our community voted "FOR" in Skatehive's Decentralized Sponsorship Proposal we Powered Up 11k Hive to our Hive wallet so we can curate GNARly extreme sports content on Hive.

"Gnars Shredding Report" will highlight some of the best content curated every week in both Skatehive and Surfhive communities and get you all stoked to go out and shred!

Let's gooo


Thumbnail by @illusivelf

Skatehive Highlights daily mint NFT’s

by @rxdolo


Laser Our in Angora

by @navaskt


My first line in SKATEHIVE 🛹[Esp/Eng] Line #1

by @samuelvelizsk8

Hamilton OGs Battle My Crew edit


Quick Clips #2 KickFlipBackNoseBlunt

by @damnbigboat


Fun Sunday 📸

by @kike.adventure

Sensei of the waves - Juan Ramírez

by @homelesscrewmx

2 small curb tricks in a line 🛹[Esp/Eng]

by @davixesk8

Behind The Album - Quest For Stoken

by @gnarip12345


by @dhnouns

eating brains on saturday

by @damoclesart

Dagger Cash for Tricks

by @fmajuniorphoto

Take 2 at the new pump track

by @branders0n

Going to skate my house tonight 😂

by @zoggygivaerts

Practicing Backside 180 bigspin with homi santos [Ing.Esp]

by @elvlogxpasta

How Daryl Rolled in 2022

by @howweroll


Surfhive Highlights

Exploring new Surfspots on Algarves West Coast

by @betterthanhome

SURFING: Summer wind + Winter swell?

by @jasperdick

Big Friday The 13th ~ Seal Beach California

by @rossfletcher

Earn Crypto For Your Extreme Sports Content

We will curate anything GNARly

Are you into any extreme sports? Then post your content in one of our partner communities on Hive blockchain and @gnars account will vote on your content as long as it's original and GNARly!

Partner Communities



We invite all Gnars community members and everyone reading to grab a Hive account, post their extreme sports content and get rewarded!

Sign up on Hive :

If you're having trouble creating an account you can always join the Skatehive Discord and request a Hive account at the #request-account channel

After you create a Hive account you have access to all Hive Dapps so all that's left is to choose your favourite Hive front-end (like or, post your content in one of our partner communities and earn!

You can also choose to post your skateboarding content in Skatehive community by using their website or skatehive.dao (for brave and opera users or chrome with ipfs)

Let's decentralize the extreme sports scene


Gnars are a new way to fund extreme athletes. We prefer a world where kids aren’t shilled energy drinks by their heroes. So as a community of action sports enthusiasts, we’ve formed a DAO to rethink how extreme sports people get sponsored.

Based on Nouns open source code and CC0 artwork, Gnars are stored fully on-chain on Ethereum with no external dependencies (not even IPFS), and each one represents a DAO vote. We’re changing the way extreme sport is funded as stewards of Nouns Athletes with backing from Nouns DAO.

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That’s all for this week! Keep proliferating and stay Gnarly ⌐◨-◨ 🤘

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