Gnarthly Hive Growth Report #5

What's up GNARly people?

5 months ago we Powered Up 11k Hive so we can support extreme sports content posted in our partner communities Skatehive and Surfhive on Hive blockchain.

Our no1 priority as a DAO is to be transparent with the Gnars community therefore we are publish this "Gnarthly Hive Growth Report" so everyone can check out the growth of our Hive account and treasury on Hive blockchain.

Let's Nerd It Up

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Hive Treasury Growth (April 13 - May 15 2023)

April 13 2023

  • Hive Power (Staked Hive) : 11,804.519
  • HBD (Hive Stablecoin) : 170.408
  • Estimated Account Value : $ 5,331.01

May 15 2023

  • Hive Power (Staked Hive) : 11,930.953
  • HBD (Hive Stablecoin) : 187.068
  • Estimated Account Value : $ 4,600.03

Gnars Hive Wallet balance πŸ‘‡


Our core mission to support shredders on Hive blockchain is going awesome, we're distributing lots of Hive tokens to all GNARly content and we keep growing our Hive stake by supporting the artistry of extreme sports athletes the "web3" way!

Curation Rewards (April 13 - May 15 2023)

As an extreme sports community Gnars is dedicated to supporting the artistry of extreme sports athletes and that's exactly what we're doing on Hive.

During the past 30 days we supported more than 50 different content creators and casted more than 300 votes on extreme sports content and comments in Skatehive and Surfhive communities.

Our curation APR is currently at 7.05% and earned Gnars account 61.62 Hive tokens.


Author Rewards (April 13 - May 15 2023)

We use our Hive account to post our latest updates, newsletter as well as highlight the extreme sports content we curated. Gnarly News and Gnars Shredding Reports are examples of that.

Our posts earned us 61.62 Hive as well as 12.98 HBD the last 30 days plus engagement from Hive community.

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Our current followers on Hive grew to 71 from 66 and our reputation to 64.11 from 63.82.

Still a long way to go but watching the numbers grow on a monthly basis sure motivates us to keep it #GNARly!


That’s all for this Gnarthly Hive Growth Report

Keep proliferating and stay Gnarly βŒβ—¨-β—¨ 🀘

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