OCD x Stoken Contest

This contest is intended to showcase Quest For Stoken, a 2D platformer game developed by The Skatehive Community over the course of 6 months.

What is "Quest for Stoken"

Quest For Stoken is a 2D platformer game where you play as a skateboarder wielding an American flag sword as you fight you way through dangerous cities, travel into outer space, fight aliens, and make your way into the underground depths where you must find the private key to escape.

Quest For Stoken is in a pre-launch phase of development, but is planned to be play-to-earn with Hive integration by the end of the year.

For this contest, we ask you to assume the role of a tester. Play the game, tell us about your experience and earn sweet prizes!

How you can participate

Blog Post

  • Play Quest for Stoken (free to play) at https://stoken.quest/
  • Write your personal review for the game
  • Attach plenty of screenshots/gifs

Gameplay Video

  • Play Quest for Stoken (free to play) at https://stoken.quest/
  • Record your gameplay (commentary required)
  • Be creative with your commentary/edit


Apart from the post rewards generated from this post and the curation of all eligible posts, we will also be giving away:

  • 20 Hive to the 5 most creative blog posts or gameplay videos
  • 10 QFS POAPs as well as 10 QFS NFTs (issued in nftshowroom) to the first 10 people who clear the game and post a screenshot of the "YOU WIN" room in their posts.

Include your username in the "YOU WIN" room screenshot as proof of clearing the game. Using other people's screenshots will disqualify your entry.

"YOU WIN" room 👇

Disclaimer : If under 10 people beat the game, the judges will decide who gets the remaining NFTs/POAPs.

Requirements to Join

  • Be creative with the title and make sure to include “Quest for Stoken”
  • Post in Skatehive.app or in Skatehive community using your favourite Hive-front end and add the tag #questforstoken
  • No minimum word length for the post.
  • One post per user will be counted as an entry.
  • Deadline for submission will be a week after this post’s payout. The results will be decided a few days thereafter to give some time for curators to decide the winners.
  • Drop your submission in the comment section
  • Don't forget to include the link to this post so that other users can participate as well. The more, the merrier !

Play Quest for Stoken : https://stoken.quest/


What's Skatehive

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Skatehive is building it's community with passion and commitment for over 4 years now and recently launched their own social media platform https://skatehive.app/ as well as Quest for Stoken video game.

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